HP 11c display problem


Something happened to my HP 11C display. "0,000" appears, and when I use it, a decimal appears where I don't want it. How do I get it to display "0000.0" without the comma?


This is the most asked question. Your HP11C has somehow switched the decimal point to a comma. I think you need to turn it off and then hold the decimal key while you press [ON] again. I believe that should restore the decimal point. If I am mistaken, then teh folks out there should correct me.



Thanks...that worked. Now if only I can remember that when it happens again in another 30 years.



this is simply a RTFM,

because the answer to the original question

is in the HP-11C User's Handbook on page 16,

and clearly indicated in the manual's contents page...



Hi Raymond,
Thanks for your input, unfortunately, I lost the handbook years ago, so I can't RTFM...besides, it really isn't a life or death situation, and one of the readers of this board was kind enough to explain a solution, so the problem is fixed, but again, thanks for your concern.

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