HP17BII - stat problems and/or 42SX


Any one out there able to provide guidance as to why I can not get the correct answer posted by the book.
For a data set 32,41, 47, 53, 54 ; the correct Std Dev 8.85

Using the 17bii I get a different answer (9+) Why the difference, did I leave something out?

If anyone coudl help otherwise with the 42SX for the same problem. It has been too many years since I use this HP


Hola, Sanchez; como estás?

I loaded the data you provide and I obtained 9.12688336728 as for standard deviation (HP42S, [shift][SHOW]). I wonder what 8.85 stands for; should that be another statistical tool you actually used? Anyway, when you mention HP42SX do you mean HP42S or HP48SX? Each case is a different input sequence.

About the HP17BII, I also obtained the same value above. In the HP17BII you should follow this:

[SUM] (optional: [shift][CLEAR DATA][YES] to start a new set)
key in each number and press
[INPUT] (the display shows index for next input and current total)
After last number, press
and press
to exit input sequence. To compute standard deviation press
You'll see many opetions. Press
and you'll see
for full precision.

Please, let us know what is the other calculator you have (HP42S or HP48SX). Hope this helps for now. If not, please post again.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 11 Aug 2005, 2:04 a.m.

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