Cobubba Smackdown!


I just won an auction for an HP-75C for a buck more than coburlin bid! This makes me feel so good! Now, it would be better if I had sniped the auction for a buck over his top bid exactly, but what actually happened is that he sniped my auction! (I've never seen him do that.)

So it is still possible to buy collectible HP hardware on eBay for a reasonable price.


He's actually very easy to outbid. [bole]He low-ball bids, on almost everything[/bold]. I use search for coburlin and filter out anything that's not a calculator. Saves a ton of time finding calculators.

But, like I said, coburlin is dirt easy to outbid.

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Of course he's easy to outbid, loballer that he is. I've done so many times. The trick here was, I outbid him by one dollar! That makes me a lowballer. hehehe. 8)


Poor kid ... Get a life ...


Hey Cobuba .. look who is talking!!!


You know Cobuba what stinks about you? It's your predictor's attitude and the illusion of feeling superior to newbie eBay buyers. I buy and sell, usually making a modest profit and sometimes taking a loss. It's a hobby not a living. In any case I ALWAYS repest the buyer and do my best to be of help and service. You are out for some sick and twisted revenge againt "engineers". We REALLY DON'T LIKE YOUR ATTITUDE!



Speak for yourself. Not knowing the guy, I had zero opinion one way or another, but after considering your note I've decided I like him.

I like that he gets your goat. I like that he's successful in all his evil practices of making money on eBay. And I especially like the fact there's nothing you can do about it.

I say: GO COBURLIN! Well done!

Since these boys are too upset and/or dim to see it, allow me to thank you for providing a reality check.

Everybody else: Get a grip.


Sounds like you ARE Cobuba!!!


Sounds like you ARE Cobuba!!!

You think?!? That's even better still! Pretty soon you'll be seeing him (oops - me) following you home at night.

OR - and I admit this is a long shot - maybe I'm just someone who disagrees with your (juvenile in my opinion) attitude.

No. No, I think I like your version better. It's all much more conspiratorial and I love that stuff.

You have been warned!


I think your mask is off Cobuba. Only you would care sooooo much about a creep like Cobuba. Only you would take the time to write sooo many comments back in this thread. Cobuba is very predictable! An you thought you were sooooooooo smart and slick!


Caught me!


Poor kid ... Get a life ...

No doubt.


Poor kid ... Get a life ...

No doubt.


Sounds like proxy bidding was working correctly if you won a bid by a minimum amount. It does not mean you were lo-balling at all. It just means you bid more than someone else.


Yes, that's what my initial post says. I didn't bid the exact amount that was one dollar over what Cofuffa bid. Proxy bidding gave me the win for a very low price.

But it still felt great, all the qualifications and provisos notwithstanding.


Maybe Cobubba inherited $200 to buy something on eBay???


Great! This is just the sort of thing needed to thwart bottom feeders.


Sincerely: All this discussion about Ebay folks waste space of the main subject of this forum: HP calculators!

Ebay is an open world: If you think that the price is fair you bid. period

Everybody sometimes, including myself, bided too much for a good. But we learn and next time we do better. There where other guys asking for high prices but some of theme faded away with the zero bids wind of his own frustrated auctions.

As I said: Lets discuss more about calculator and less about people.

Best regards,


Take a look at . Perhaps the picture doesn't do that HP-45 justice, but it sure doesn't look "museum grade" to me.

Nevertheless, our favorite sleaze actually put in a reasonable bid ($50) for it. Assuming that he gets it, I wonder what he'll ask when he turns around and sells it. His normal asking price is $329.

I wish that I could get those kinds of prices for my HP-320LX (not to mention my Newton 100!). I looked on eBay and quickly concluded that market value was so low it wasn't worth the bother.


That's a very poor photograph. The apparent warping around the on-off switch may just be oil from fingerprints. Still, it's impossible to tell from what's shown. Also, the mark at the upper right of the keyboard is less easily explained away.

I say give the devil his due. 8)


Our favorite sleaze is a magician. By magic, he transformed a broken HP-35 calculator into a Trekker PS/2 scroll wheel mouse today. Such magic.

By the way, it appears that our boy has an apprentice. Take a look at So, someone is supposed to pay $475 for an HP-35 based upon blurry photos (although not blurred enough to obscure that the case is damaged and the leather carrying case is worn).


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