HP 48GX: Progam for adding feet and inches?


I posted the 48GX question for adding fractions. Actually, I need a program that will add feet and inches in 32nds of an inch. EX:

4'3 15/32" + 2'4 16/32" = 6'7 31/32"

There are construction calculators that you enter this in as follows:

4 3 15 + 2 4 16 = 6 7 31

There has to be a program because HP's can do anything.



The HP-32SII has a conversion capability that supports fractions, on the keyboard. Gimmicky, but that's why my 32SII is in the garage.


I am asking because I was thinking how I would program it.
How does it add

4'3 13/16" + 2'4 7/16" = 6'8 4/16" = 6'8 1/4"

4 3 13 + 2 4 7 = 6 8 4

Does it assume that the fractions entered are always 32nd's
or does it have a mode?

I realize you said this "Actually, I need a program that will add feet and inches in 32nds of an inch" but saying 8/32 instead of a quarter inch seems odd. Is it always true that you mean 32nds? Do you need - * / ...... ?


Well, 32nds of an inch was just an example. The construction calculator in our office uses a set denomenator (16ths). So when you have 1/4", you enter 4 in as the last number. It must be easier to program that way. If you come up with a program, I'd appreciate it if you'd let me take a look at it. I'm not that fluent in programming a 48GX, but I'll get there. Without the set denomenator would be perfect. Thanks.



If I can tempt you to the Dark Side, my package at:


for the Texas Instruments TI-89 will handle your problem

Stuart Dawson,
Dawson Engineering,
Belfast, NI.

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