Forth Assembler


Isn't it possible to put a Forth Assembler Rom Image on a Clonix or NoVRAM module? Thanks---GARRY



Yes it is, if you're interested in such configuration I'll make a FORTH41.HEX file to burn into Clonix/NoVRAM and will mail it to you.

Due to the take-over nature of such image (using page #4) it cannot be configured with the standard Clonix6P.EXE utility.

Best wishes


Edited: 10 Aug 2005, 6:30 p.m.


Hi Diego!
Would you be so nice and mail me a copy, too?


Deigo, please email the file to my email address, just drop the nospam from the address. Thanks---GARRY



Garry, I just mailed you the file yesterday afternoon... Didn't you receive it?

Jürgen, I'll send it to you also as I get back home this afternoon.

Please feel free to distribute to anyone interested in the subject.




Hi all.

Hi Diego. I was wondering if you or jurgen could pass on the forth

By the way, Diego, I just want to say BRILLIANT WORK by you and JI on the clonix rom device. That's really cool, and I really like
the F252 coding by you and JI (don't know how much is JI's; software and you did the hardware?) Anyway, wonderful implementation.

Can you get the power consumption (a.k.a. F252 clock rate)
down any further? Just curious.



Dear Diego,
If you could send me the necessary files, it would be nice.
I have a Clonix41 and a Novram.
The pages used by Forth41 are 4 & 5.
Thanks for assistance. Regards. Yours.


Hi all.

My e-mail address is

If anyone has a spare minute, could they e-mail me a copy of
the forth rom image, please.

Diego, whats required to write the image to your clonix

Thanks in advance, guys.

Don W

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