HP 37C calculator batteries


Can anyone tell me where I might be able to find batteries for this calculator mode (37C) and approximately what they might cost?




I think that you mean an HP-37E or an HP-38C. [But if it is a 37C. there are a lot of people on this forum that would love to get their hands on it :) ]

Anyway, this is a really easy battery pack to replace with regular AA batteries or you can make one yourself out of ni-cad (or ni-mh) batteries. Here's more information:





I wonder if a CRV3 battery would fit? The CRV3 which is basically 2 AA battery put together.


It might, I haven't tried it. There are a few potential issues:

- There's a ridge on the bottom of the battery compartment in the calculator that may prevent the battery from fitting properly.

- The contacts may be too recessed on the battery to match up with the contact springs in the calculator.

- The battery pack might be a hair too long.

But it's a good suggestion that I'm going to try it. The extremely long shelf life and high energy density of lithium is a big plus! Besides I've never seen a lithium battery leak.


From what I see, I assume that all the Spice series calculators have the same betteries, i.e. it is possible to use the two AA batteries for a HP38C as well. Is this correct?


Yes, all the Spice series calculators (31E, 32E, 33E, 33C, 34C, 37E, 38E, 38C) use the same battery pack. In fact all the calculators in any HP calculator series use the same battery pack, the battery pack is a good way to define "series".

(Although some would argue that the 10, 19C, 67 and 9x are properly in the Woodstock series. Then there's the 75C/D which uses the same battery as the classic series, so that's sort of a problem too.)

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Thank you, Katie. So I'll try to create a battery pack fo my 38C with the info in your original links.


There once was a thread on this forum about a picture an ebay with a spice powered by a 9V bat. I wonder if this calc still works!

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