how reliable are HP laptops?


Hi, people! I never had a HP laptop, and i saw a DV 1355EA for a very reasonable price. How reliaeble them are?


I have found them to be quite reliable. I know of two that have been dropped from different heights due to user carelessness. They both continued to function initially, but the one dropped from a standing position no longer boots. So, unless you are accident-prone, HPs should serve you well.

One piece of advice, unless you are saving a considerable amount, I would recommend ordering a customized model from HP's web site. That way you can get Windows XP Professional instead of the Home edition which is what is usually found in the off-the-shelf variety.

Oh, and Brightview is a must in my humble opinion ;-)



Thanks, Bob!but what i meant was if the computer will not breack down will in work.(of course there is always such a posibility) my previsios packard bell got broken because of the hard disk wich overheated.(it was 5 months old, a really fast 3.2 Pentium 4) Now, i have the choise betveen sony or HP.


I have used HP laptops for a while and have found them reliable. I have experienced the occasional 1-foot drop or a minor hit with a piece of furniture while carrying it around but nothing happened.

On the other hand, the CPU cooler of a Toshiba laptop I had ceased to function after the same 1-foot drop. Later examination showed that overheating had loosened the fan supporting screws and the entire assembly was loose and therefore suffered with the hit. I've had no such concern with HP laptops.

Whether you intend to carry it around or use it mainly as a dektop, you will not be disappointed.


I bought a Z5000 last year. It worked flawlessly. I replaced it this year (in fact last week), with a dv1000. They are great machines. I love this dv1000. It's small, lighweight, powerful and is great for my business trips.

Specifically, I have the dv1331se.

I have not had a single problem with either of the HP laptops that I have owned.

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I have had 2 HP laptops and one Dell laptop the last years:

HP: Not a single glitch. I even droped one from meter high which did broke some of the plasctic form the corner, but nu function loss what so ever !.
Hit the doorpost with the USB plugged in from my mouse, so the connector was heavely insulted, but kept on working. I travel quite a lot, also in airplanes etc. but it always kept working.

The Dell:
The good news: had really perfect service, next day at your adress
The bad news: I had in one (1) year time: One new LCD display, one motherboard, one powersupply and and keyboard. In a way hes stays always young but........

For me the choice is clear HP laptops.

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