Any idea about the next new HP or TI Calculators?


Has anyone caught wind of rumors about the next HP or TI calculator? How about your own personal hunch for the new wave of calculators?


I got to play with a 49+, CNA515... with the newest keys and the latest ROM. It was the first decent 49+ I've seen, what HP should have released in the first place. From the source who got the calc it's all HP can do to just to keep up with bug fixes. With the layoffs at HP, I wouldn't expect anything new.

TI's calculator division is raking in megabucks with very little effort these days, having completely cornered the educational market. Thus, here is no incentive currently to spend any money on developing anything new. The only thing new seem to be re-releases of existing models with new cases in an attempt to appeal to kiddies wanting a bizarre ultra-modern look.

Casio and Sharp continue to produce calcs that have a rather small market share. Casio actually may be the most innovative, coming up with a number of new models. These machines always to have some shortcoming, though. As an example, the Casio ClassPad had a pretty good computer algebra system, but lacked built-in units needed for science/engineering classes. Also, the OS of the ClassPad is poor for serious programming, a real shame.


Casio has release a new calc with a SD card slot.


Could you provide a link in English to this calc? I found references to this machine in European forums, but all I could find on Casio's page was a link to the standard 9860.

Apparently there a computer algebra system. There are a few metric conversions but not a comprehensive set like the HP48/49. Such a machine is useless to me and many others who become used to such things via an HP48/49.

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You will also have to get used to using single letter variables for most Casio Calculators aside from their Classpad. Casio's programming is not as extensive as the low end Ti-83 line the last time I checked/used it. While I have not bought any of the newer Casio's, my existing ones are not anything to bragg about.


I got this machine today and wrote some details here - but when posting the message the forum software told me I was not logged on. So hit the back button --- and lost my message. Could you come up with a solution to this bug ?

Sorry, I'll try to write again the message later. In any case, this Casio doesn't have a CAS.



There is hardly any info about the new Casio 9860!!! It's like Casio's new secret. Any links to Casio's press releases or other info!

Please .. pretty with sugar!



I've bought it last week, and to be honest don't get too excited. Nice body, lovely display, good keyboard, but ugly manual and lack of support, at least by now. I've been looking for the SDK the hole week without any succes. The SDK is what I need to install the RPN emulator.

Anyway, is quite curious to see how Casio an release a new product without any mention on their global website.


Thanks Joan ... you rule!


I went ahead and ordered a unit. Again, thanks for the link.


I would like to see a scientific calculator with the body of the 17BII+ and the functionality of the 27S. This should include its programming ability using the Solve function which the 17BII+ already has. I think basically what I am saying is that I would like a 17BII+ with more mathematical functions that I do not have to write myself and can be included in the programming. Possibly a 17SII+.

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