New Software Library program for HP-32/33: AC Power Transfer


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This is a plug for the set of updated "AC Power Transfer" programs I wrote for the HP-32S, -32SII, and -33S. There are four versions of the program tailored for each calulator model, including separate "RPN" and "ALG" versions for the HP-33S.

The program calculates the transfer of active and reactive power through an AC transmission line modeled by series resistance, series reactance, and balanced shunt susceptance. This is a solid, real-world application that I have put to practical use in my line of work, and which Power Engineering students should also find helpful. The program's results match those of commercial powerflow programs for lines modeled as a single balanced-pi section.

The Museum Curator, David Hicks, graciously posted my original versions for the 32S and 32SII in late June, and then posted my updated versions (which by then included the 33S versions) on August 1. The updated versions use fewer labels, and they allow the user to modify any stack contents at an "INPUT" or "VIEW" breakpoint, without affecting program output.

I will gladly answer questions in this Forum as necessary to clarify the program or its ample documentation. However, I would rather not have to explain basic concepts, such as "per unit", "reactance" and "phase angle". Textbooks and reference books are available for that purpose.

Links to the programs in the MoHPC Software Library:

HP-32S version

HP-32SII version

HP-33S RPN version

HP-33S ALG version

NOTE: There is a minor error in the HP-32SII version. Line P30 should be deleted and re-entered to become the new line P32, as follows:

(incorrect)        (correct)
P30 VIEW P P30 x<>y
P31 x<>y P31 STO Q

Comments, suggestions, and questions within the above guidelines are welcomed.

-- KS

Edited: 8 Aug 2005, 3:18 a.m.

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