HP 7440 A colorpro plotter.


I have this device connected a HP 9000-300 system that works as a system controller to SIMS machine. To capture data as it is sent to the plotter I have connected a interface to read data on IEEE488 bus. Once data is captured i must have the programming manual for this device to reconstruct the data file. Can anyone help?




Hi, Vijay Karmarkar

This forum is inteded to support posts related to HP calculators and related stuff. Maybe someone here may help you based on his/her own specific experience with these devices and system, but have you gotten no answer but this one, please understand that this is because your request goes beyond this forum`s main subjects.

Anyway, it`s worth trying a more specific forum that would surely return you an answer 8)

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


look around bitsavers.org which is a site that collects manuals for vintage computers



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