HP-41 UAC - Global user conference


The HP-41 UAC annual global user conference will be held in Oslo, Norway on August 6th. Since we are expecting an unprecedented attendance, it would be wise to book your seat now. Photos and possible DivX files will be presented to those of you who cannot attend.

The agenda will include:

- HP-41 UAC aboard the Space Shuttle

- Looking at HP-IL interfaces to the human body

- Possibility of expanding into WalMart with HP-41CXs preloaded with the UAC.

Tickets will be 50 Norwegian øre per seat.


Sort of gives new meaning to the term "embeddable" doesn't it?

Can I UNT my boss with that?


Is there a website for that conference?


Sorry. Even though there has been an avalanche of requests for an official HP-41 UAC Global User Conference website, we have not had time to put it up. We have simply been to busy setting up our new lab with all the equipment to start testing the human interface modules.

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