NSIM ROM file translator available


Just thought I'd post this...

Thanks to forum contributors I was able to figure out the format for the NSIM UNIX/X HP41 simulator ROM. If you have a copy of any HP41 ROMs in raw binary format (i.e., no headers/checksum/wrappers) I have a small program that will convert them to a format suitable for use with the NSIM emulator.

Basically, you create a text file listing the ROM image names and the starting addresses for each one, and this script will translate the ROMs into a text list file that NSIM wants to see.

It's a Perl script, written so as to be cross-platform usable (I wrote it on a Mac and tested it on a Linux box as well) and is rather simplistic but will get the job done. If anyone wants a copy, I'll be happy to mail it to them. It's very small -- about 60% of the script is documentation. I make no warranties, expressed or implied, but the price is right. And you have the source. :-)


Hi Greg,

Will your script convert *.ROM files to the NSIM format? I think I have just about every rom in this format.

Also do you know what the format is for the config file(~/.nsimrc)? NSIM keeps asking for the file at startup. There is nothing in the docs mentioning the format of this file nor an example file in the archive.

I have NSIM running as a CV right now. It does work. I even got synthetic hacks to work.

While looking at the source I noticed that phineas is in there. I would like to get the clock module working. Most of my programs use the module. I also want to get the PPC rom working to make synthetic programing easier.


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