hp 15c manual


i just 'inherited' an old hp 15c.
i would like to change the display from the comma as the decimal delimiter and the period as the thousands delimiter to the more standard (for me) use of the period as the decimal delimeter.
i don't have the manual. can anybody help?


God Blessing is Upon You Lucky Mortal,

With Thy Holy Calculator Turned OFF,

Thou shallt hold the "." key and Press ON.

This Will alternate Thy Holy Display,

Between The two different Radix modes.

And Thou shallt be Happy with your Calc.

See'ya mate!



And do not forget to look like a smilling angel all the time...............


If you go to Ebay www.ebay.com you should be able to find the HP 15C manual for sale (sometimes is sold separate from the HP 15C calculator).


I would highly recommend purchasing the MoHPC DVD available at http://www.hpmuseum.org/cd/cddesc.htm

The manual can also be downloaded here http://www.hp15c.org/hp15c.pdf


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