All 11 SSMC's in One PDF File


I finally had enough time last week to create a PDF file which has the complete message threads for all 11 Short and Sweet Math Challenges (SSMC). Thanks to Valentin for the Challenges, to all the members for their discussions, and to Dave for hosting the file.

The link is:

Link to ssmc110.pdf

There's a simple bookmark added to the start of each SSMC. Although the last SSMC was No. 10, there is actuall 11 total since No. 6 was used twice. I list them as No, 6 and No. 6A in the Booknmarks and kept the numbering the same for the remainder.

The only editing I did of the actual messages was to remove all the links. Otherwise, the messages appear with all the associated mis-spellings, etc, as originally written.

For those of you who have only recently discovered the fun of Valentin's challenges, this will give you the opportunity to try out some of the earlier ones.



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