Alternative HP-42S Manual (Another version)


Hi There!

I just finished another version of my HP-42S/Free42/Emu42 Manual.
Now it has programming!:)
It is at:
and the password is "joselauro".

José Lauro.

P.S.My page is also at "" but due to yahoo domains police is not simple to find.:( Many thanks to tripod too!:(


Obrigado !.


Thanks for the manual, it will be very useful for a lot of people.

How about publishing it as a .rtf file on here so others can contribute new sections?


Nice idea! :) I work with OpenOffice(.sxw) but this is not the problem. But what kind of license should we use? GNU? And where could we store the file?


Sorry for the long delay in replying.

I am sure Dave Hicks would host the file on here if you ask him. Or use email to only those who are interested and see what happens. I would like to contribute, but time pressures may make it slow. Any contributions by others can only help and you can remain as chief editor to make sure it all fits together.

.rtf or .html formats would be more universal than any other.


08/06/05/08:58AM PST
I'm not having any luck bringing up the 42s manual's *.pdf file. I only get a empty page!



forgive me if I`m asking silly questions, I just want to help if I can.

Do you have the Acrobat Reader already installed in your computer? If not, you cannot actually read a .pdf (pdf stands for Portable Document File);

have you tried to download the file prior to read it? In some cases, the www viewer (an additional plug in) may not be present, and the document shows blank;

when you wrote "bringing up the 42s manual's *.pdf file", which file are you actually reffering to?

Please, I`m not the author, I just want to help. So far I have not read about others trying to open without success, I myself could download and actually open the document. Would you, if applicable, briefly describe what did you do in order to view the file?

Thanks and forgive me if answers are obvious or if questions do not actually reffer to your needs.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 6 Aug 2005, 7:47 p.m.


Did you page down? I initially thought the same thing because of the blank area.


I think your browser is trying to open the pdf file.
Well, you must have of course the acrobat reader.
Don't forget the password (senha) wich is "joselauro"

P.S. In case of need just send me an email.:)


Another version. 0.4 now with more 2 pages on Statistics.:)


Version 0.5 now with "Other bases", "flags" and "probability". There are only two sections to finish.:)


Gordon! Please send an email to me.

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