i bought a used 48 with 2 programs dumped on it, written by the owner for surveying, i went to the built in library to use the geometry stuff, but i cant recall the other 2 programs or get them displayed by name in the left hand corner, i dont have the books, which buttons recall these, please can anyone advise


My GX has each program assigned to a variable name. So, use the "VAR" key to bring up a list of variables in the directory. From there, you can use the "NXT" key to move the next group to the display. Once you find your program simply press the corresponding key and your calc. will run it. If there is a subdirectory assigned to a var name, then you will scroll down through the directory until you find the program. I would think that anyone literate enough to write their own program would be literate enough to store them in a subdirectory.

Be forewarned; if the you have a lot of variables, you will find this to be a tedious techique as there is a lot of garbage that hangs around that you have to scroll through. You may wish to download a garbage collector program from www.hpcalc.org.

Hope this helps.



As mentioned, the calculator has a hierachical file system. To get to the "root" of the file system, press 'right-shift home'. From there you can proceed with your search as mentioned above.

If you recall the names of the programs, you can type the name and press EVAL to execute the program no matter where you are in the hierarchy. (Press alpha-alpha to set alpha lock, then type the name with the alpha keys. Press alpha again to exit alpha lock, then press EVAL.)

Finally, if you care about those programs, and if they are non-trivial in size, you should back them up to a PC using a serial cable and software. (You can get the latter at hpcalc.org.)

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