11C aspect ratio


Has anyone mentioned that the apsect ratio of the 11C and similar calculators is almost exactly the Golden Ratio, (Sqrt[5]+1)/2 ?


In nature when this shows up, we say it's the result of underlying physical processes that embody the mathematics that produce the ratio. In a calculator designed by HP in Corvalis, we'd have to say it's the result of underlying humor by mathematics geeks embodying the spirit of great engineering.

Where'd all that stuff go to, anyway?


Hi all. IMHO, it's just (yet) another beautiful touch by the designers to enhance the visual beauty of the product. . .


Hi, Dave;

some time ago, Gerson mentioned this very fact in here. I tried to search the aschives but did not find it. If Gerson read this thread he'll probably remember when did he post it.

Sorry not being more precise about the message itself.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


Hi Luiz,

I coudn't find the post either. In short, the length/width ratio in the Voyagers is 12.7cm/7.87cm = 1.6137 very close to 1.6180 [Sqrt(5)+1]/2. In inches, 5"/3.1" = 1.6129. These are official specifications listed at:


Actually, the first one to have mentioned this here was John Ioannidis:


Now we know what the Parthenon and the Voyagers have in common: the golden ration. No wonder they are so wonderful!




No wonder it is so beautiful!

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