E-bay 41-CV


I can't believe this 41-CV is still only 7,50 GBP with 1 day left!

I won't be buying, but I thought someone here might like to.


Of course you won't buy it; you're the seller .. :-)


No, I'm not the seller, and I don't even know the seller. I seem to remember prices around €200 being fetched for second-hand 41-CV's, so I was amazed at the lack of interest being shown in that one.


The prices were very high because the HP41's were used in the Concorde.

Air France was buying every available HP41......


Three points:

  1. It still has 3 hours to go and it's up to 54 bucks or so. It will probably move higher before it sells.
  2. It's a bare 41-CV and it has stuff in the display. That won't command premium prices. (The photos are poor as well.)
  3. It's listed in Consumer Electronics > Gadgets > Calculators, whereas most 41s go in Scientific Calculators > Hewlett Packard under that category. Misfiling is what a buyer looks for on eBay.

Final price: GBP 72.00

That's low in my opinion, but not out of line for the condition of the display.

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