HP-41 UAC version 0.5.2 released


After an unprecedented effort from both the development community and the testing crew, we are now proud to present the new version of the HP-41 Ultimate Alarm Clock.

Version 0.5.2 offers improved functionality and is even more user frendly than the previous versions. From the change log:

- Added 10 minute snooze (pressing R/S after stopping the alarm
when it has gone off)

- Added "LBL e" to "hold" the alarm

- Modified "LBL b" to be user defined. Enter the time to put the set
alarm into the future

- Added version number to show as the third R/S press after the
initial menu

Go to the Sourceforge project site for the download.

Obviously, these are great advancements in the program. However, as we aim to make this alarm clock a historical milestone, a full 0.6 release will require even greater feature enhancements. Future enhancements may include a plug-in (via HP-IL) to your body to sense your state of sleep and adjust the tones so that you get the best possible waking up in the morning.


This looks like a fun program, but on the site there is no download possibility. Clicking on download merely bring's one to a page with descriptions of the the program and a text doc, nothing else....
Am I missing something here?



The program's official home page is http://www.isene.com/artweb.cgi?article=009-hp41alm.txt .

On the Sourceforge project site, the text file for download is the program listing itself. Here you can also enter feature requests and bug reports :)


So, there is development community, testing crew and merchandise (T-shirts, teddybear and underwear) for a rather simple 174-line program any experienced HP-41C user on this forum can write ?!?


Yes indeed, doug!

Would you like to join the HP-41 UAC community?

We have experienced an unprecedented growth of the community the last weeks (around 100% increase). The community is contributing in many ways - feature requests, feature discussions, buying mercandise and more. In fact, due to overwhelming interest in the T-shirt with the code listing on the back, we have started shipping the first few T-shirts to the most active community members

We would be happy to have you on our team, doug. That would lead to another 50% increase of our large and active community.


Well, all I would like to say is that in my personal opinion, (for whatever that's worth!) anyone who is doing something....on any level....to keep the interest in the HP 41 active for newbie collectors or high-end hacks...is fine with me!

Let everyone enjoy the 41 as they wish and according to their level.
Maybe some people (like me mucho years ago) will have their first contact with very basic concepts of programming by completing a program like this for fun- and then have the pleasure to hear it work if they did a good job of it....

And no, I have nothing to do with this program or the people involved!
Cheers all,


Hi all.

Reading this thread sure did give me a laugh!

Congrats to the programming "team" at UAC; cool, really kewl!

Although programming the 41CV is not exactly rocket science,
as an owner for 24 years who has written a lot of software for it,
(one carefully written app of mine still filled the machine),
I can appreciate what a 174 line program for a 41CV can actually do!

You can pack a lot of computation into the USER programs we all write. Anyone who disparages such efforts, well...
Beneath me to comment on it.

Hp rpn programming is not BASIC ya know, "Doug"...
Compare it to Forth, it's closer. ;-)

Kind regards,

Don Wallace

Those who talk do not know.
Those who know do not talk

(Lao Tsz)

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