Hewlett Packard 9825A 9872A


I have a framed image (using red, blue and black ink) looks like it was generated mathematically with a computer.
Its says BIRTHDAY DEMO on the top left corner and
HEWLETT-PACKARD SYSTEM 9825A/9872A on the top right corner.
Framed size is 11 inches by 14 inches<P>
I do not know if this is a demo for someone's birthday or a demo for the birthday of the System 9825A/9872A.
There is no date to be found anywhere on the framed image or back of the frame.

Anyone have any ideas?

I can send a jpg of the image if interested?



The "Birthday Demo" was a program supplied on tape with the 9825 computer/9872 plotter system. The program prompted for your birthdate and using this input as a seed, plotted a diagram of vectors unique to your birthdate. I remember that it was fascinating to watch the plotter " do its thing " , and produced an image for everyone in my family based on their birthdate.

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