Error in PPC ROM (FI) Finance routine !!!


Error in PPC ROM (FI) Finance routine



6 N

1 I

-90000 PV


95565.29 (Error) ???

95536.81 (Correct) !!!!

Dif 28.48

Edited: 15 July 2005, 11:19 a.m.


This is not really an error. The answer is correct if you assume continuous compounding. Try evaluating 90000*EXP(6*.01) which equals 95565.2891891.


Yes, we need to know what the display showed when you pressed "e" to initialize it.

There are several settings:


as well as settings for compounding periods and payment periods that may affect it.

I really, really doubt there is any new bug in the FI routine after all these years.

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