Hitachi (Renesas) H8 chip in HP 10BII?


Does anyone happen to know which specific Hitachi (now Renesas) H8 series microcontroller is used in the HP 10BII? And is it a packaged chip, or chip-on-board?




I don't know what chip is, but is a chip-on-board one for shure. I opened mine once, but I didn't have pictures :(... now my beloved Minolta X20 is blind :((((

BTW, the 10BII have the second best numeric LCD HP display ever, second only to the Voyagers'... 8-)

Best regards,



Hi Eric...

Damn, an H8 in a common calc? Wonder if it's flash(able) ;)

Too bad I gave my 10BII to an exGF when she was buying a new house otherwise it'd be fun to 'sacrifice'.

I really loved this calc's formfactor, keys, etc. Wish the LCD were brighter but it's still better than the new 33s'.

Bill Wiese

San Jose

[BTW Eric do you still need to borrow an OBD2 reader for your truck?]


an H8 in a common calc? Wonder if it's flash(able)

Doubtful. It's almost certainly a masked-ROM part. They
would only have used flash parts during software development, and perhaps for very limited pilot production.


I ahve gone through 2 HP10BII calcs with their displays failing.... Anybody else with these issues. The calc does not get used for a while and when turned on segments fail....

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