MLDL2000 Update: PCB's are there!


Finally after a long long wait I received today the MLDL2000 units out of production. The project is now really coming to an end. Now units need to be tested and programmed.

More new pictures can be found at my website



Oh boy oh boy oh boy! 8)


That is exactly what my wife said when she saw the invoice from the assembly house ;)


Well, perhaps you should have lined up all the orders next to the PCBs. 8)

Still, it's a lot of money to lay out in advance. I don't mind paying and waiting for my device, by the way.


Dear Meindert,

gratulation - your really great photo collection shows the nice hardwareparts - we want to get next time :-)) Also this is the biggest collection of cardreader shells I ever sawn....

Regards - Christoph Klug

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