9100 display annotation plate backlit?


I don't own a 9100 (to my most sincere regrets), so I have to find the answer to my curiosity here: In pictures of the 9100, it often seems to me that the plate right to the display with the lettering "x-keyboard, y -accumulator, z-temporary" is backlit. Is this true or just due to the photographs? I have a 9810 with the same lettering, and it's definitely not backlit.

Just for curiosity -

(and if yes, what about the model B, would be the next question)


The annotations are indeed backlit, on both the 9100A and 9100B.

Rick Bensene
The Old Calculator Web Museum
Beavercreek, Oregon


There are two small 2-pin 15V incandescent bulbs stuck into a plastic housing behind the display panel. These bulbs tend to have the bases break off or the part of the plastic housing that they stick into likes to crack.


Also, the silk screened display legend tends to wear and flake off.

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