HHC 2005


Can't find the website to sign up. Who should I send a message to about John Evers and I coming to this year's conference, bringing some survey equipment to do a presentation and free overlays for all attendees? =)



Are you selling the overlays yet? Not that I really need them yet but just out of curiosity.



They are ready to go, but as of yet we haven't gotten our papers filed to become a company. . . there is just so much to do! =(



Here is the URL:


It should have everything you need. Looking forward to this year's conference, as always....

Jake Schwartz


Should be a good conference. I know that Wlodek and I plan to talk about the conferences we went to on HP's behalf.

Another talk possibility is "TI > HP", which would be a look at areas where HP could learn from TI.




In my SOLVER talk for HHC 2005 I am also including tests for the TI-200. I found that it uses better algorithms for functions that have roots AND maxima/minima. When the initial guess is near the max/min point, the TI is able to find the root while the HP SOLVER for various models gets stuck!


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