Ultimate Alarm Clock - update


The HP-41 Ultimate Alarm Clock now has its own project site (http://sourceforge.net/projects/hp41uac) and its own homepage (http://www.isene.com/artweb.cgi?article=009-hp41alm.txt).

It is currently in production stable release v0.5. This release fixes some bugs and adds a couple of features beyond that originally released in the HP Museums HP-41 software archive. The project team is busy working on v0.51 that will add one small but important feature to its already impressing feature list.

Soon you will be able to order HP-41 UAC mercandise such as T-shirts with the logo on front and the program listing on the back as well as coffee mugs, teddy bears, underwear and more.

It seems the HP-41 UAC is the first HP-41 project ever hosted at Sourceforge.net.

Any contributions such as bug reports, feature requests etc. is highly appreciated by the project's large and busy development community. We are working day and night here now to bring you the best alarm clock that man has ever made.

Kind regards,

Geir Isene

Lead developer


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