HP42s spilled coffee


I own a HP42s and spilled coffee onto it, how do I open it to clean & dry it out? Currently the screen is blank, please help, this is (was?) my trusted companion for the past 10years.
I have dried it out in the sun, currently it gives me the message "Memeory clear" but it seems dead as it does not allow any keystrokes. Please help.


This should be useful:


Good Luck


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Thanks Arnaud for the reference, I have opted for the water submerge option and now had put it in the sun to dry out. Luckily I am in South Africa in even in our winter blessed with warm sunny days.


If you have access to an ultrasonic cleaner, run it through three cycles. Reove the machine, shake it as dry as possible, and use fresh distilled water each time. Then let it dry very well. A hot car makes a nice oven for drying it out... but keep it out of direct sun.

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