The other day I got hands on a thermal printer HP 82162A. Alas U.S. version, so I cant use the charger with it here in Germany. Fortunately(?), I do have a compatible(?) charger European version (in fact a charger that came with a German HP 82162A). Question: Can I use my European type of charger (220 VAC that is) without doing harm to the (U.S. version) printer/batteries? Thanks a lot for your input.

Best, Juergen


I believe the answer is "yes." I base that on the fact that you see different part numbers for the chargers, but not for the printers. That is, there's only one HP-IL thermal printer, and it has the part number 82162A. Whereas there are a half dozen or so chargers, each with a seperate part number, listed in the printer's manual.


Hallo J├╝rgen,

Any European charger referenced 82066B or 82068B will work with your printer : I use them all.




Yes you can. There are no changes inside the printer -- you can use any printer (or for that matter tape drive, disk drive, interface, calcultor, etc) with any of the appropriate chargers.

At one time it was common for HP-IL enthusiasts in the UK to buy a couple of the UK chargers and then buy all the peripherals from dealers in the States (where they were considerably cheaper). Said peripherals came with 110V chargers of course, but they worked fine with the UK chargers off 240V mains.


That's good news :-) Thank you all for your help!

Best wishes, Juergen

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