Thermal Paper


Can I use any brand of thermal paper on old HP handheld and desktop calculators? Most of the original HP part numbers are now discontinued products.


I use the thermal paper rolls from the credit card terminal printers. It has the right size but the color is black instead of blue. But that doesn´t matter. The printed card acceptance agreement on the back cannot be seen from the front side even in direct sunlight so this is the perfect and inexpensive solution for me.



HP recommends using stndard off the shelf thermal paper. you can get at any office supply store. Most used to carry the NCR brand which had been extensively tested and worked much better than the old HP paper. Now it seems all the stores carry paper with their own brand labels. I know some is still made by NCR, but others seem to be using no-name stuff from who knows where. It should work just fine, but there is still a very slight chance it might hurt the printhead.

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