Message for Jim Carter about EduCalc remainders


Mr. Carter, can you post a list of the items you still have remaining in your inventory from the EduCalc buy-out? I'm sure you still have some item we may be interested in. I am a two time buyer myself. Thanks, Randy


jim seemed to loose interest (or mabye just ran out of stuf) about the same time that things he was selling started turning up on ebay at triple or more the price that he was asking. i don't have any inside info about the cause, effect or synchronicity of this. i do know we all owe him thanks for all the information and assistance that educalc gave out over the years though. and where is richard nelson now days anyway?


I have bought quite a bit of stuff from Jim (mostly by puting together larger orders with one or more collectors).

I have compared his prices with ebay, done the sums, and figured I could make a tidy profit.

But I haven't done it. I've bought one of most things (except certain consumables) and I still have it all.

I regret that I didn't buy some things he has run out of, and regret still more that I didn't find him a lot earlier.

He's done a great service in my books. He could have easily made far higher profits by selling stuff on ebay himself.

I guess his philosophy is such that he prefers to sell at what he has established as a fair price, not simply what the market will bear.

Thanks Jim.


Definitely "or more". Modules, especially HP-IL modules were routinely ebaying at 10x of Jim's price.



I received an email on Dec 16 of last year with Jim's current list, which looked fairly similar to his list of about eight months before that. I assume he still has some of the things on the list. I'm about to try and find out.

His prices are quite reasonable, and yes, I guess the people on eBay don't know about him, otherwise they wouldn't be buying magnetic cards and other stuff at those prices.


Ion Abraham
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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