HP41 MLDL2000 update


Just some quick news regarding MLDL2000 progress:

- Production is delayed with some days due to some SRAM devices being damaged in storage

- half of the MLDL2000's will be shipped with the regular amount of SRAM, the other half with double the size due to availability of components. Although I do not know yet if the double size will actually work (it requires an extra wire to connect the additional address line)

- The units with double SRAM storage will be made available (at no extra cost, since it does not cost me extra) to those who have ordered their MLDL2000 first

- The complete batch of MLDL's will be produced this week or beginning next week, meaning that all orders can be fulfilled probably before my vacation, depending on how testing and assembly goes

- After fullfilling all existing orders there will be about 10 units left. It is unlikely that any new PCB's will ever be manufactured so if you still want one let me know

Meindert Kuipers,
MLDL2000 website


Will you make available all the source code of the project?


All source code, schematics, VHDL will be public. The MLDL2000 project is not for profit and units are sold at a price that allows me to cover the cost of creating the hardware. The MLDL2000 would have to sell in thousands in order to pay back the time I spent in making it. We all have our hobbies ;)



Hi, Meindert.

I'm particularly interested in the source for your Windows management application. I'd like to try to port it to Linux, or at least use it as a guide for a reimplementation.

This is starting to get exciting! 8)


Linux would be really great. You could start with getting the Linux drivers for the FT2232C, and sort out how to interface with the MPSSE from an application program. Note that all my applications are written in Delphi.



I can at least read Delphi. 8)

There is no hope of a direct translation to Linux anyway. I could use the source as a guide to how you implemented a particular feature, though.

I'm currently writing my first-ever Linux driver for Cristoph Klug's HP-IL card. I'm hopeful I can get a first pass of that done over this weekend, a holiday in the US. Once I get my MLDL2000, I'm sure the pain of running the software under Windows XP will motivate me to do something about it. 8)

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