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I am rearranging my colelction of HP calculators. This process includes taking out batteries. In the case of the rechargeable NiCd batteries, would storing them in a freezer or just the regular part of a refreigirator be the best to preserve them? Any other suggestion?



I would suggest to store them dry and cold (room temperature); probably the best way would be to seal them inside a PE-bag, together with some silica gel (often to be found when you purchase electronic components).


Thanks Frank!


In general, chemical reactions slow at lower temperature. Placing batteries in a refrigerator should slow the eventual decay, somewhat. There are other considerations, however:

  • Cool batteries may cause condensation when returned to room environment.
  • Freezing may cause any batteries containing water to expand. I've never had that happen with carbon-zinc or alkaline batteries, which I've successfully frozen. But I haven't tried freezing NiCads.

Read the manufacturers specs on the batteries. Many will be damaged by freezing. Refigeration might be OK, but the humidity will probably do more harm than the cold will help.


Hello Namir;

Don't worry about the NiCds... I can send you brand new ones.... How many do you need ?.

Please note that I have no economic interest in this but we throw away so many cells after non-destructive testing that it's a shame....
(I work for a major japanese manufacturer of NiCd, NiMH and Li-Ion cells, and this may be a good way to help the HP community).

Really, if you need some NiCd or NiMH cells (and are available), let me know... (you pay postage).

BTW... Refrigerator is OK, freezer is not.




The NiMH or Li-IOn batteries seem more attractive.

I studied chemical engineering and had a small lab at home. I used to do non-destructive battery tests too .. just for the fun of it.

Please email me your address. My email is:

n s h a m m m a s AT a o l DOT c o m

Please remove the spaces and replace AT with @ and DOt with the dot character.

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