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Nonpareil for Windows!

Offer not good after curfew in sectors R and N.


What is this "Window" of which you speak?

--- Les




I was quite astonished when people started asking for Nonpareil to support it. I had to search for it on Google. Apparently it's some sort of obscure operating system for PCs. The idea is that you have to pay actual money for it, and you get less functionality than you would from competing operating systems. And you don't get the source code.

I'm not sure why anyone would want that, but I guess it takes all kinds.


Thanks for the explanation, Eric; I've found out a little more about it now.

Apparently, its major differentiating feature is that third parties are able to remotely install applications on it without any user involvement or even awareness! This seems to be an amazing breakthrough in user-friendliness!

I do hope it catches on - I find having to type "yum install packagename" whenever I want to install something to be a real drag. It must be a pleasant surprise to find that someone else has installed software for you!


--- Les



they dont actually want it. its forced upon them, like some kind of conspiracy theory.

theres also a number of amusing "joke" features. for example, the open file dialog box usually starts up parked at a useless place (like "MyComputer"). it has a drop down tab. when you press this tab, the whole combobox vanishes from the dialog for around 30 seconds, during which period the machine is generally most unresponsive. eventually it will come back.

i have also found that there is often time for a bit of reading or tea making during the delay between pressing the mouse and a menu appearing, for example.


And just as I FINALLY managed to get Nonpareil to compile under Debian too ... I've only just had time to take a quick look at the HP11C, HP33C and HP32E emulations and WOW, it was worth the effort!! As expected the accuracy of the simulation/emulation is spot on.

Well done Eric.

Now I just have to get 0.74 to build...

Mike T.

P.S - For anyone else having problems on Debian you need to install the lib-devel versions of the various packages to satisfy the dependencies in order to build Nonpareil, the libs packages won't do - several megabytes later...


Well done Eric! I was able to install the files and add .exe to the nonpareil file. I ran it and it gave me a window with the list of calculators to choose from. I tried a few and they seem to pass preliminary tests. GOOD WORK!!



and add .exe to the nonpareil file.

Oops! Thanks for calling that to my attention. I'll get that fixed in 0.75.


Nonpareil release 0.76 has the executable files named properly. It also omits the HP-67, which was not intended to be included before as it is not functional. There are no changes to the code.



Eric: nice work! Keep it up, it is appreciated by many people.

Activating the Easteregg carshes nonpareil on my machine? Do other users have the same problem?

Kind regards, Klaus


Activating the Easteregg carshes nonpareil on my machine

Probably a problem with the SDL sound code. I've only tested on Windows XP. What version of Windows are you running?

Do you know whether any other programs using SDL sound work on your system? Maybe you can try the audio test from SDL_plattest (though I haven't tried it on my system yet).

Currently Nonpareil doesn't use sound for anything important, though in the future I'll try to add support for the HP-41 tones. Does anyone want an option for key click sounds?



I use WinXP too, but have no soundhardware connected. That will be the problem.

Thanks, Klaus



Now HP-35 works (it would not yesterday). However the trigonometric functions don't work:

30 sin => 2.322863214-05
.5 arc sin => blinking 0
45 tan => 0

On the voyagers, the "r" in "running" is formed with segments 'e' and 'g' rather than with segments 'a' and 'f':


Perhaps because I get these Gtk warnings on the DOS windows when Nonpareil starts?


(nonpareil.exe:3124): Gtk-WARNING **: NÒo foi possÝvel encontrar o m¾dulo especi

(nonpareil.exe:3124): Gtk-WARNING **: Loading IM context type 'cedilla' failed


(First line translates as "It has not been possible to find the specified module")

Has any other user had these kind of trouble? Thanks.


Actually here on windows XP no classic do the trigonometrics correctly.
But appart from that, it looks great.



I forgot to add it was on WinXP, but according to Eric's reply below this doesn't depend on the Windows version. So far, everything else looks pretty good!


However the trigonometric functions don't work:

And if you think those examples are bad, try "0 cos" or "90 cos". I'll have to research this. In the mean time, I'll add mention to the release notes that the HP-35 trig functions aren't working correctly.



I found the bug that was causing the trig functions of the Classics to fail. Back in May I was doing some code cleanup, and broke the "a + c -> c" instruction. There'll be a fixed release tonight or tomorrow.


I've died and gone to heaven! To think of the thousands of dollars I could have saved by just waiting for Nonpareil to be released!

I hate to point out issues. But, the HP-80 emulation has a few problems:

2 SQRT gives a result of 32

12 SAVE^ 12 X gives a result of 14.4

To name a few...

Eric, do you have a PayPal destination where we could contribute to your projects efforts?

Mark Hardman


But, the HP-80 emulation has a few problems

I just verified that this is caused by the same bug as the trig problem on the HP-35 and HP-45. It will be fixed in release 0.77 which I'll make available tonight or tomorrow.

do you have a PayPal destination where we could contribute to your projects efforts

Good question. For some time now, I've intended to sell the Windows version of Nonpareil. But more recently I've been thinking that I'll probably just give it away and try to encourage donations.

Eventually I'll put a PayPal donate button directly on the Nonpareil web site, but for now anyone that wants to contribute should just PayPal to my regular email address, and mention "Nonpareil donation" in the message. I'll probably put a list of names of donors in the CREDITS file, but anyone that wants to remain anonymous can just let me know.




Nonpareil 0.77 fixes the bug that was causing incorrect results for various functions on the Classic series calculators (35, 45, 55, 80). None of the later models were affected. Thansk to GWB and Mark Hardman for bringing this problem to my attention.


On Windoze XP Pro with SP2 I always encounter the following error message when trying to run nonpareil.exe version 0.77 or 0.76:

nonpareil.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_utf8 could not be located in the dynamic link library libgdk_pixbuf-2.0-0.dll.


The procedure entry point gdk_pixbuf_new_from_file_utf8 could not be located in the dynamic link library libgdk_pixbuf-2.0-0.dll.

Did you install GTK+ using the installer on the Nonpareil download page?


Yes, I installed GTK+ but the installer put the lib directory at the end of my USER path. I just moved it to the front of my SYSTEM path and it works now.



Hey, Eric;

Congratulations once again! That's something to be proud of (I'd be). What an achievement...

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)



How can I reset the emulator for a specific calculator. I wrote a short program for the HP-67:


Not sure what I did, but somehow the emulator stopped displaying anything!! WHen I reload it I see no digits in the display. Please help!!!



The HP-67 is not functional in Nonpareil. It shouldn't have been included.



i can report that its working well so far under windows XP SP2. congratulations on this fine work.

i'd like to pass on a couple of minor glitches incase they are of help to anyone.

for some reason (could be my fault), the .exe and .dll files were not made executable. running the exe caused a fatal error (application failed to initialise) and terminated. i needed chmod a+x *.exe *.dll and it worked fine.

i also get this when it starts up:
(nonpareil.exe:2720): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_convert: assertion `str != NULL' failed

however, it still seems to work ok (unless im missing something i dont should be there).



This is very cool!

Best regards,

Bill Platt

Edited: 8 July 2005, 10:28 p.m. after one or more responses were posted


Now, all we need is a version which runs on Palm OS and ARM-based Pocket PCs :-) :-) I'd love to carry a couple of dozen HP calcs in a single pocket!



I forgot to mention...this will definitely be a "hit" at the HHC2005 conference in Chicago on September 17-18th...perhaps a copy could be circulated to each attendee?


(For info on HHC2005, check on the web.)


this will definitely be a "hit" at the HHC2005 conference in Chicago on September 17-18th...perhaps a copy could be circulated to each attendee?

Yes, I've been planning to do that.


I'd love to carry a couple of dozen HP calcs in a single pocket!

For the while, what about three of 'em: HP-35, HP-45 and HP-55. See this port to PalmOS by Jonathan Purvis:




I'd say it worth attending the HHC2005 just for that!! Eric made me drewl in HHC2004 when he discussed the early versions!!



Now, all we need is a version which runs on Palm OS and ARM-based Pocket PCs

I'll probably add a PalmOS version since I want to run it on my Fossil Abacus WristPDA (about $150 from TigerDirect or Amazon).

I might eventually write a native Windows front end (to replace the use of GTK+); at that point a PocketPC version would be easy. But it's not high on my priority list.


Thanks for your work!!

Raul L


. . . and,

Does anyone know why it is they never go into the foothills?


Does anyone know why it is they never go into the foothills?

Not for sure, but I suspect it may be for the same reason that the Porridge bird lays his egg in the air.


I've had a chance to try out Nonpareil under Linux a bit since yesterday and I definatly think it is an great achevement.

The photo realistic panels look stunning - but in use I did find the more synthetic front panels much easier to read.

Mike T.

PS - Any chance of including the HP10C, just to complete the set!


The photo realistic panels look stunning - but in use I did find the more synthetic front panels much easier to read.

The long term plan is to use the "synthetic" style by default for all the calculators.

The ones that are using photographs are doing so thanks to the generosity of the MoHPC curator, Dave Hicks.

As I get synthetic faces for more models, I will drop the corresponding photographs from the package, but I'll keep the KML files that work with the photographs, and provide instructions for users that want to download them from the MoHPC web site.

Any chance of including the HP10C, just to complete the set!

I have two HP-10C calculators. One is old and beat up, and I don't mind dumping the ROM from that one, but I can't find it right now. The other is near-mint. That would still be OK, except that it's the old-style Voyager where the display and electronics are separate from the keyboard, and wrapped in what I assume to be antistatic tape. I've had some of those apart in the past, but it's a pain, and I don't want to do that to a pristine calculator. Also, it's much more difficult to probe the necessary IC leads on that style.

A friend opened up his 10C (also in excellent condition), and his is also of the old-style construction.

If anyone has a new-style 10C (single board with keyboard and chips) and is willing to make it available, I'd be happy to dump the ROMs. This involves removing the rubber feet and four screws, and attaching clips to four leads of an IC, but no permanent modification or damage.



Can you tell from the serial number which one you've got. Mine is old and rather well used but I do know where it is, shipping charges would proabably be borrowing it prohibitive though..

Mike T.


I think HP changed to the new Voyager internal design in late 1983 or early 1984. The new-style 11C, 12C, and 16C all use the same PCB, part number 00011-80012 (assembly 000xx-60012, but all models marked 00011-60012). I would expect the 10C to use that same board. The 15C uses a different board to make room for the extra ROM/RAM chip, and later Voyagers of other models might use that board too. There were several more redesigns, especially of the 12C, but the 10C probably wasn't made in any of the later designs.

If you take off the back, and there is a visible circuit board, that's the new style which is preferred for ROM dumping. If all you see after removing the back is black plastic flaps, it's the old style. I'm out of town now, so I can't take a photo of an old-style, but you can see the newer style at



The old packageing is in the museum:



Serial Number is 2235A07777 so I'd guess that it is the old style...


No problems yesterday however having loaded the printer module before exiting and shutting down last night I find that I cannot load the HP41CV.KML or HP41CV.KML in Nonpareil for Linux this evening. The last message is "fatal error: can't find chip 'Helios printer' addr 0".

Suspect that the calculator knows that it need to load the parinter module to restore it's prior state and can't find it because it isn't in the default directory or path...?

Anyway I hope this feedback helps

Mike T.


Sorry, I should have put a warning about that in the release notes. Right now the state save files don't record the optional modules that are installed, but they do include the state information for those modules. So when a fresh Nonpareil instance tries to load the state save file, it gets unhappy.

In a future release, the state save files will have pointers to the relevant module files. In the nearer term, I'll try to make a release available which will ignore extra state.

The easiest way to recover from this problem with the current release on Nonpareil would be to delete the state save files (41CV.nst and 41CX.nst). They should be in "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\.nonpareil\" (old path) or "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Nonpareil\" (new path).

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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