I'm not sure what it is, but I'm sure that it isn't a 28C.

Does anyone here (besides Coburlin) recognize it?


Edited: 25 June 2005, 8:40 p.m.


Most likely a typo. It is definitely a 38C.





Did the 38C have an IR printer? The auction text says the guy printed the self test on the IR printer.

That would match the 28C, which had the IR port, and the self test function. The picture clearly is not a 28C. So it looks like wholesale confusion, rather than a mere typo.

Sounds like a typical day, for me. 8)


38C's never came out with blue buttons. Please refer to the archives to compare photo's


OOpp's, Sorry. Logged on to the wrong message
Sorry guys. Ignore this please


Hi James et al,

I think it's a 38C + a mess with the description of 2 other auctions.

...or a Hewlitt Packenstein 28C with LED display substituted to the LCD ;-)

(Snowflake support)


I saw Coburlin was the highest bidder so I put in a bid. I was the highest bidder until a few hours ago and the seller some how cancelled all bids and sold it to a buy it now buyer for $50. The original post has no buy it now option. I am wondering what has happened? I don't know about Ebay rules as far as the seller simply cancels buyer bid without giving me reason.

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