Coburlin At It Again


He's back... out to make bucks off people willing to pay too much for "obsolete" stuff... BuyItNow for only $349 or $439!


I noticed that he buys cheap & sells dear...


Blurdyboop sed: "I noticed that he buys cheap & sells dear..."

Which is, of course, the way you make a living trading.

I couldn't believe that he could be successful selling at those prices, but looking at his feedback page, there are examples upon example of people paying the frieght for HP41s at extreme premium prices. It appears to me that everything he sells is well packaged, and very complete, but even so, I find the value proposition to be a big stretch. His auctions repeat a lot, so he has to wait for the right sucke^ucustomer to come along. But it looks like one eventually does.

Now the real trick is to buy at the absurdly low prices he manages to find. You can track those from his feedback page too.


I´m not quet shure if he really sold these items.... Have a look the the sellers, the y are all new and do not deal a lot. Maybe he also sells it to "friends" to affect us he is selling items at those prices. I have never dealed with one of his buyers, did you?



well, the calculators are - as usual - turned into mice once the 1-day limit before the auction ends comes nearer 8)


I don´t think he has a real job, if fact his only job is to find&buy HP stuff at cheap prices and to sell at expensive prices, he spends too many time searching Ebay for HP stuff, and also he pays little fees to Ebay due to turning $$$ calculators into low price mices, so he has a very well assembled business ;)


Who cares?







Read it and weep. Guy has some brass ...


Why would a seller end his auction a few hours after submitting it to sell it for $11 ? The only possible answer is that Coburlin contacts the seller to make a deal off ebay in order to avoid ebay fees. He asks the seller to change his auction to put a low buy it now price and he gives the seller a higher price.


Well, something like that could explain how he manages to "buy low" so often. I wonder if a lot of his purchases were from auctions that ended early.



I guess the reason that eBay hasn't cracked down on his abuse of the auction process is that he's too small a fry to merit attention.


> I guess the reason that eBay hasn't
> cracked down on his abuse of the
> auction process is that he's too
> small a fry to merit attention.

But not too small for *us* to obsess about, huh?

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