Site dedicated to the 9825


I came across (by accident) a site that is devoted to the 9825 calculator (

Although incomplete (the actual 9825 pages appear to be missing), it contains a very informative and extensive history of HP up to the introduction of the 9825. I am sure that the site's curator (Steve Leibson) will continue to add to the material.

I found very charming the item about Bill Hewlett's involvement in the 9100 project. He specified the 9100's dimensions by asking his product engineers to built a calculator that would fit on a pull-out typing stand built into his wooden work desk. When the 9100 protype was finished, the engineers tried to fit it in Bill's desk,
but it would not fit. Since Hewlett was not present, they fixed the desk, by asking a shop carpenter to enlarge the opening.

Another item I found really amusing was the TI fighter going after the HP-ship cartoon:



Absolute gorgeous! I am amazed by the professional looking design of his web site. The contents looks as if the author has access to inside information. I bookmarked it immediately and hope he will find the time to complete the information.
I was wondering why the 9810 did not appear, as it is an important link between the 9100 and the 9825. Opinions?


Yes, the 9825 was a cool thing. I planned to write an emulator for it, and typed in many pages of microcode, but at the moment the project is on ice. The site you mentioon has been incomplete for more than half a year, so I think it will remain so!


This evening I read the timeline on the 9825 site, and it is _just_ amazing. The author has put so much background information there that it's hard to believe he isn't an insider. Does anyone here know more about the author? Am I the only reader excited about this site?



The site is a gem for sure.


Do you know if the author can be contacted? I found no email address on the site. So much inside knowledge...I still don't get it.


The domain is registered to a Steven Leibson, see for his email address and additional information.


Steve Leibson (the author of the web site), was an HP employee involved in the design of HPL (the 9825 language).

He also authored a series of BYTE articles on I/O. HP reprinted these articles.

He was editor-in-chief of the Microprocessor Report, EDN Magazine, and the Embedded Developer's Journal.

Currently he is "Technology Evangelist" for Tensilica, a company making high-end embedded processors (e.g. for switches, graphics cards, etc).



I used to use a 9825 for my research, controlling HP microwave test gear. Please finish your emulator!


Look here:


Thanks for the kind words about my site. It's definitely not finished yet, although I've gone about 3 months without updating it. My next steps are to finish documenting generation 2 of HP's desktop calculators (9810/20/21/30) and then to move on to the actual meat of the site: the 9825. I joined HP's Calculator Products Division in Loveland, Colorado in 1975 because I was completely bowled over by the HP 9830. I spent my first 5 years as an engineer at HP in Colorado. It was great work. What you see on my site is a tribute to the people I worked for and with. You can also thank Bill Hicks and this site, for the inspitation it gave me to create my own site.

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