Jack Kilby


One of the pioneers of electronic calculators, Jack Kilby, passed away on June 20. Despite the fact that we was from "the dark side", we owe him a debt of gratitude as his work made this hobby/pursuit/interest possible.

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Thank you to disclose the information, Katie; I for one was not known about this sad fact.

You are correct about considering the 'dark side' workers this way. In fact, we do need to go too deep to see the truth: there is no such 'dark side' now. HP produces Algebraic-only models since the Pioneers (HP10B, HP14B, HP20S, HP27S...) and had TI introduced RPN-based models, we`d be comparing them with HP`s counterpars. AFAIK, based on all of what we read here, 'the dark side' actually keeps track with its own way since they are in portable, pocket-size calculators business...

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


Kilby was awared the Nobel prize for Physics in 2000. Not bad .. not bad at all!!

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