Sad day is today... [OT]


I lost my orange-coloured exercise book, inside on it many progs for my HP32SII and 15C, many ideas for measuring in the hidrodynamical lab, many good tips for my novellist career :) , tricks for measuring very ductile pipe-flow (like artery or vein) ideas for my phd studies... And I lost my very delicious elderflower-syrup recipe :(

So, it's a very sad day... :(



Sorry about your loss. It's tough for a person to try to remember all the ideas and tricks he/she develeoped.

When I put ideas and programs on paper .. I type them in on my laptop and make backups. This way there is not only one copy that can be lost!



About backups, and files in general, if a password is used/required, it is important for it to be easy to remember.

Otherwise, no matter how many backups you have, data is lost anyway.


Hi, Tizedes;

I'm sad for you, but I also hope you find your 'notes' books. I once had a particular painfull loss: three issues of HP Key Notes. Not my own notes, but surely something not to be lost. About one year ago, a portable stair falled over one of my CD's and smashed it into pieces (should I say 'rest in peace' or 'rest in pieces'?). It was a collection of about 600MBytes of HP data, some were my own, others were from other sources, like the MoHPC, HP itself and some contributors. Many of the 'foreign' data I could recover, but the ones I had as my own (programs, procedures, etc) were definitely lost.

It is not much of a comfort though, but surely will let you know that others understand your feelings.


Luiz (Brazil)


Living is a long run with losts and findings. If you can recognize yourself in a mirror nothing is lost 8^). New ideas, recipies, and coloured books will come for sure.


Marx Pio

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