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Sorry to have to use this forum for this. I experienced a total hardware failure with my WebTV set top box and lost all of my favorites/folders and e-mail address book contents. There are no replacementv WebTV boxes available so I had to cancel my WebTV service. I have no other way to contact you about my new e-mail address for MLDL2000 communication. I can be reached at

for anything regarding the future purchase of my MLDL2000 unit.



WebTV is that popular in Germany?

Actually, *I* am Meindert Kuipers, and I just had my AOL service go out on me. The tech support was so bad, they blew up my modem, and I have no replacement. My new email address is Send all the money you have to me via PayPal at that address.

Anyone else want to be Meindert for an Internet minute? 8)

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Sorry, but I do not like people making jokes that way! :(


I confirm completely with the response of Matthias - with MLDL2000 Meindert Kuipers created a great hardware storage system and rom emulator for HP41. Do not use this forum for injure this great project.....

With best wishes - Christoph Klug


Is there some reason to believe that Donald Leonard really speaks on behalf of Meindert Kuipers? My satire was based on the belief that the original message was a "troll" by someone pretending to be Meindert. If I was mistaken in this, I offer my sincere apologies. On the other hand, sometimes humor has a hard time crossing cultural lines. Please be assured I meant no disrespect to Meindert Kuipers or his fine work. In fact, I'm in line to receive one of the first batch of MLDL2000 boards.

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I thought the original message was from someone buying a MLDL 2000 from Meindert and who had lost Meindert's details so could not contact him.

123 to delete



Well, I hope everyone can see the humor in *that*! 8)


Actually, *I* am Meindert Kuipers,

I'm Brian, and so's my wife!


I will not make any further comments, but Don is sincere

Meindert (the real one ;)


My apologies to Don and to Meindert. See my "I'm a Dummy" message earlier in this thread. I misread the original with (hopefully) funny consequences.

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