List program modules


Anybody knows if it is possible to list a program from a software module for the HP 71 or HP 41 calculator ?



i think you are asking for the i.l. and i.r. function PRP. ie PRintProgram.


> Hi Anybody knows if it is possible to list a program from > a software module for the HP 71 or HP 41 calculator ?

With the HP-41, in order to list a ROM module program
just type in GTO <label>.
Switching to PRGM mode you'll be able to list
the program (but not to edit it).

In order to copy it in the RAM, type in COPY <label>.
Let's say you want to copy the root solver packed in
the Math I module (just an example):
XEQ [alpha] COPY [alpha] [alpha] SOLVE [alpha].


Copy your HP71 BASIC program into main memory and unprotect it with one of the numerous utilities created for that purpose. An example is one of the special POKE programs, that allow tampering with the file header (The built-in POKE doesn't allow that)

If you need such a utility, then please email. I'll try to supply such a program somehow.

It's not easy printing LEX or BIN files (you have to disassemble them for that purpose. For the Forth/Assembler ROM there's an Internal Design Description.

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