HP49G+: tick marks at every thousand


I just got a new HP 49 G+. Does anybody know how I may change the number format so that I see tick marks at every 3 digits / thousand? example: 10,000,000.00 or 10'000'000


Hi, Eddie;

although it may not be what you actually want, if you choose [FIX] instead of STD (or SCI or ENG) you'll have the thousands mark. In STD (standard) mode they are nor shown. I'm not sure if there is a way to show thousands mark in STD mode, but surely with FIX it's automatic. Remember that [FIX] demands a parameter, meaning the number of FIXed decimal places. You can change it through [MODE], then the down-arrow cursor key till Number Format is highlighted. Default is STD, you can CHOOSe another format (FIX, in this case) and then you set the number of fixed decimal places (default is '0', the number at teh right side of FIX after Number Format is changed).

Note that (sorry if it is obvious...) SCI does not allow the integer part of the number to be bigger than 9, nor ENG allows the integer part of the number to be bigger than 999, so no thousands mark there.

Hope this helps.

Luiz (Brazil)


Thanks for the work around...maybe somebody even knows how to show thousands mark in STD mode.


Not even JYA could do it.

You want thousands separators? Use FIX.


...but you'd have to implement it yourself,

You could write your own version of the decompiler

for number display.
That would be part of the clean way.



but that's unlikely, particularly for someone who asked the original question. It showed a lack of knowledge about how the basic calculator worked, making it unlikely for that person to rewrite the OS.


I admit that it may not be too easy for the average user,

but actually the solution is relatively simple,

and has nothing to do with rewriting the OS in any way.

One could write a simple user RPL program,

which examines the stack contents,

and if an object is a number, make a string of it for display.

This string can be manipulated very easily to

contain thousands separators at the right places,

and the whole string (or strings) could be

easily displayed via the BetaENTER functionality.

Of course that's a workaround, but hey,

it's a programmable and customizable calculator,

and for many things, someone will find a way

without necessarily reinventing the wheel...


This a hard task, because the user wants to see separation marks in every number on display, even inside matrices / arrays / composite objects.

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