Amazon $77.99 HP 49G+ SN:CN511xxxxx


Thank you Scott Dunn!

I just received the 49G+ I ordered from Amazon, thanks to Scott's post. $77.99 persuaded me to take the leap :-)

Hewlett Packard 49G+ Graphing Calculator

Serial Number is CN511xxxxx, which I assume means a manufactured date of around March, 2005. Came with ROM 1.23. Would not recognize a Canon 16MB SD card formatted as FAT, but update to ROM 2.0 worked with an old Viking 128MB SD card. Have only played with it a little, but no missed keystrokes so far, knock on wood.



Thanks Bob! I oredered one too. You answered an important question that popped up in earlier postings--is this an old stock which may be of somewhat poor quality? From your s/n the answer is no -- what you got is the latest.



Your unit is definitely not old stock, and no missed keypresses, that is good news indeed.


It does not seem that the good deal is available to Europe or is it?



Arnaud, if you want one, confirm with me at my e-mail address and
I'll try to do order one for you and re-ship it. Offhand, I don't
know what the shipping cost would be, but I'd only ask for the
actual postage (or other shipping arrangement). I think that
Amazon offers free shipping, although slightly faster shipping may
be available at higher cost.

The same goes for anyone else who wants one but can't get it
directly from Amazon.



I received my Amazon 49g+. It came in less than a week. It is S/N CNA412xxxxx. I was hoping for a CNA5... unit. However, the keyboard does seem to feel better than my other unit (which I think is a CN351 or thereabouts) and so far does not seem to miss keystrokes. Oh well, if it misses ANY keystrokes or otherwise misbehaves within a year, I'll send it back for a replacement with one of those new metal-dome keyboards that "I, Claudius" told us about. Plus I can still get the $10 rebate, for a net $67.99 cost which won't be so bad.


or that they (Amazon) are out of stock.


A quick check at shows $126 to be the best price around. But checking at, I see it for $114.99.

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