Powerpack for 41CX


My name is Kurt Jensen and I'm living in Denmark.
As a navigational officer in the merchant marine, I've been using my 41CX everyday, even when we started with GPS.
I lost my printer and some other acessories due to theft,
among it the powersupply and the rechargable batterypack.
I cannot obtain a rechargable batterypack, and the small
batteries are very hard to come by so I'm thinking of building an external powersupply.
So my questions are: Can anybody help me with a diagram and an internal picture of the rechargable powerpack for the HP-41CX calculator.
Also does anybody know if it is possible to connect an
external powersupply via the two missing joints in the framehole for the powersupply.
Looking forward to hear from You.
Regards Kurt Jensen


You might want also to have a look at this site:


It has replacement parts for the HP-41.

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