Help ! HP-42S Invalid Type Error


I have a 42-s that is giving an "invalid type" error whenever I attempt to perform ANY of the statistical functions (E+ or E-)- any of them. Other functions and features work fine.

This is bugging me as this is my workhorse and has been working for me without problem since the 80's.



Ok, so how often does the same person that posted the question have the first response? Duh, Well I tried to clear the summation register and couldn't - same error. So I cleared everything (CLALL). Oh well, I can punch in the several programs I had later..

Then I got another error - Size error. So then I relocated the first summation register to R11 (default), and poof it works.... Whew !

In the process of this whole problem, I have discovered that there is a world of HP calc nuts out there (I guess I am now an accomplice too.) I am disappointed to dsicover that HP has discontinued the 42s. I can see why so many folks love it. I used to just think it was an old HP (dime a dozen) and I treated it pretty rough (a testament to its ruggedness. Now that I know I will probably pay more to replace it than I paid for it, I will treat it accordingly.



I tried to simulate in my 13-old and tired 42S the error you've mentioned on your help request

1- If your stack is empty and you enter a real number and use the E+/E-, the answer is the counting number of your entry.
2- If your x-reg has a complex number (i.e. -1 SQRT)) and you use E+/E-, the answer is the Invalid Type error message.
3- If your x-reg has a matrix (i.e. [7X7 MATRIX]) and you use E+/E-, the answer is Dimension Error message.
4- If your x-reg has a real number and y-reg has a matrix or a complex number and you use E+/E-, the answer is the Invalid Type error message.

It seems old 42S' E+/E- function uses two real arguments in x and y-registers. Try checking the contents of the y-reg in your program before using E+/E- function.

Hope it can help

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