Thanks for web site curator


I want to thank David the curator of this web site (and the many folks who have helped him) for the update of the documentation CDs/DVD. David has been working hard behind the seen for this valuable update. Hats off for you!!

I placed an order for the new DVD and am eager to receive it and browse through the added documents.



Agreed! My update DVD arrived yesterday, and contains several new manual scans which I had been eagerly awaiting. David is doing the community a fantastic service with both this web site and the CDs/DVDs.

And thanks to HP as well for giving David permission to reproduce their copyrighted materials.




Even us "Down under" don't take Davids efforts for granted.
A valued site worthy of applause. Would any of us have done such work like he has?
Good on ya Dave



Thank YOU Namir, Eric, Paul, Luiz and everyone who submitted scans and everyone who contributes to the forums!

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