Math1B CAT2 Behavior


I'm having a strange behavior with a Math 1B module between a 41CV and a 41CX. A Cat2 with only the Math module loaded displays Math1B and it's functions. A Cat2 on a 41CX does not display Math1B, just the built-in modules. However, I'm able to execute the routines in the ROM when they are in the 41CX even though they aren't listed in the Cat2. Any ideas?


This is normal for a Math 1B module. The CX CAT function
requires the module label to be eight characters in
length to be displayed. Math 1B is only seven characters.
Other modules (or versions) often contain an extra space
to make the label have eight characters.


12345 to delete


Thanks, I think I knew that way back when, thanks for the reminder.

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