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Logarithm of y to base x ... There'll never be a logxy key; besides, it is not needed. But just for fun let's try to write a tiny program for this, the tiniest the best.
On the 32Sii and the 33S only three steps will do the job. Anyone want to try?

(logyx can be done in only four steps: LN x<>y LN /, but this entry order doesn't look so natural. However logxy in four steps is still possible on most calculators).




Hi Gerson,

Nice problem. Maybe this: (LN) (x root of y) (LN)

or: (LOG) (x root of y) (LOG)

Cheers, Tom


Hi Tom,

Congratulations! Most likely you have made use of mathematical properties of logarithms to solve the problem. In fact, it can be shown that lny/lnx=ln(y^(1/lnx)). I must confess I found this out entirely by chance, playing with the 32Sii keyboard for a while. On the 33S my unorthodox method would have been even easier, as the [x xroot y] is not a shifted key :-)

Thanks for your having appreciated the problem.

For other HP scientific calcs (except the HP-35): [LN] [1/x] [y^x] [LN]

Check this link out:



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