Display for HP48G


Does anybody have spare display for HP48G? I fell from my bike and destroy it!
bad luck.


I forgot to add... it will be also suitable some malfunctional HP calc with equivalent display... i'm desperate :)



it may be easier to get a replacment HP-48.

as the correct alignment of the display contacts

doesn't semm to be easy.



I didn't think about that... have you ever try to replace display on HP48G? i know it can by quite annoying and difficult... when I was trying to do that on some other fine pitch display contacts, and that thiny conductive rubber, I lost my hair.... maybe it is time to say goodbye... but... that calc was wakeing me up 7 years... tut ut tut ut



I have once made a franken48 from two bad units. The good mainboard had a broken LCD and the one with a good LCD had the mainboard destroyed by a butcher that menat to open it... with a huge knowfe or screwdriver (in this action, the tool went beyond the name...).

The fact is that the LCD is actually glued to the metal frame where it is built in, so aligning the circuit board with all thin contactcs to the LCD is not that hard. I've done this twice with the HP48 and half a doze others with Pioneers. None failled.

My 2¢ ...

Luiz (Brazil)

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Thanx! Gracias! Hvala! Fala!
The quest for holy display is going on...
i'll be back, when i find display! because i don't know how to dismantle HP...
or if I find cheap second hand HP, dismantling will not be necessary...

Rasulo se svud po svitu to splitsko :) staro sime... zivio!


Just to support Raymond's opinion: it would ber easiest to find a replacement HP48G e.g. on the ebay.

And a few words in Croatian (the same as above):

Svakako treba probati njemacki ebay. Vrlo cesto se pojavi jeftin HP48G, u izvrsnom stanju, a postarina takodjer ne bude preskupa.

Pozdrav iz Splita


thanx pal!
or on croatian:
zivio ti meni rodjo! ugodno me iznenadi! fala jos jednom....

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