S&SMC#10-PDF Available of Message Threads


Hello All,

I just got back from a well needed vacation and see that Valentin had posted another wonderful Challenge. Thanks Valentin.

Last night, I quickly prepared a PDF file with the message threads. All Hyperlinks are removed, along with other extra items, but each message is complete. Dave was nice enough to host the file on the HPMuseum site. Thanks Dave.

Following is link to the PDF file:

Link to SSMC10.PDF

Since this was thrown together quickly while I was still tired from the trip, I'd appreciate several of you downloading and letting me know of any errors or problems with the file.

I already found one item that didn't convert correctly. You'll find a "?" being shown in lieu of an "Dot" in front of some of the paragraphs in Valentin's messages. I'll be correcting that and re-posting the file. Please let me know of any other corrections that I should make - especially with any of the program listings.

Thanks & Enjoy.



Hi, Bill:

Why, a big *thank you* !! :-) I'm absolutely flattered and delighted that you found it useful to take the time and work needed to gather together the whole thread and create a nice PDF with it, thank you very much indeed ! It's *most* useful, even for myself !

I wish the same could be done with the previous S&SMC#1 to #9, and perhaps even eventually regroup them all in a book-sized PDF, but I guess this is major work and perhaps the pertinent threads can't even be found anymore.

Same goes for the HP-15C Mini-Challenges that I've posted from time to time, which I think were much enjoyed by the many HP-15C fans, as they provided some really state-of-the-art ways of doing certain operations (still rememeber the one where you were asked to create an identity matrix, which was much shorter and many times faster than the one provided in the HP-15C Advanded Functions manual, probably written by the HP-15C creators themselves).

Also, if Dave sees it fit, I would gladly submit all my already published Datafile articles in PDF format for them to be hosted in the MoHP site and thus become easily available online to any HP fan. I do have all of them at my own site, but the free provider laces the "visit" with adds and such, and my site's visibility and appeal are nearly nil when compared with Dave's fantastic site and Forum.

Thanks again and best regards from V.


Hi Valentin,

Why, a big *thank you* !! :-)

You're welcome.

I wish the same could be done with the previous S&SMC#1 to #9, and perhaps even eventually regroup them all in a book-sized PDF, but I guess this is major work and perhaps the pertinent threads can't even be found anymore.

Funny you should mention this. I have copies of ALL the S&SMC and plan on putting them in PDF also. I'll probally incude all messages in the thread, even those that go off topic. Some of the off topic do include useful info for the S&SMC and I really don't want to get into the business of editing content. The PDF's are not protected, so anyone is welcome to re-edit them as they see fit for their own use.

Same goes for the HP-15C Mini-Challenges

I've also collect these - along with some other challenges that have been posted by other members. I plan on eventually putting them all in pdf format.

I'll probally create independent PDF's and then maybe one large merged PDF with Bookmark TOC. The individual messages will be straight sequence - not threaded.

All I need now is the time to do it :)



Hi Bill.
I had asked Valentin some days before if anyone would do the same thing that you're doing....
I also started to dig the archives to collect the old SSMC, format them and PDF them, but I'm quite desperate about ever finalizing this activity (time, time, time....).
I think you are a step ahead, because you already have all the SSMC and threads and SSMC10 is already done, so I'll be looking forward to having your files available.
Be confident about the fact that I (and I think many of the forum contributors) will appreciate a lot your effort.

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