How to handle the broken battery door of 19BII


I would like to know how you guys handle on the broken battery door of HP-19BII. On mine, I've a problem since not only the broken door but also having the broken on side case near the battery door.

How to disassembly the 19BII?


Nothing much to do I'm afraid...

If a correcgt battery door can do, get a second hand calculator on ebay. 28C's cand 18C's can be quite cheap. If not, get another 19BII... It's a hell of a machine, would be a pity to part with it.


I have 1 spare door, may be putting on ebay this weekend or you can make me an offer on it. If you get a new one, suggest the rear battery door on the newer models, the original was a poor design, too much spring pressure required for good contact against the relatively small surface area of slides.


I have a 19Bii with a feeble door that still works, but I use two large rubber bands around the case and over the door to relieve stress on the door itself during use. I think that really strong rubber bands would also work on a poor or broken door also.

One other major fix (since it is trash otherwise) is to buy brand new batteries and hot weld (or hot melt) glue over the case door while mechancilly holding it with some type of clamp. This would extend your 19Bii for 6-12 months depending upon use. Then remove glue by softening if possible and repeat. Will work at least once (first time) anyway.


I used that model glue/solvent someone recommended here once. Tenax, or some such thing. Anyway, it fixed the chip in the case, and held for quite a while. Of course, I had the chip that came off the case. If the chip is missing, don't know.

Also took one apart once. It seems to be a one way operation. There are approximately 15 gazillion little plastic weldments, and when they break, they break down in the inaccessable areas.


If you want a quick-dirty-functional solution, I've found hot-melt glue solves a LOT of problems. It holds things together well, but is removable later, usually without damage to plastic, metal, glass, and other smooth surfaces.

So, you could use HMG to hold some batteries in place, and later remove the glue, by peeling, when you need to change the batteries.

Obviously, this isn't a good solution for the serious collector wishing to keep a calc in pristine condition.


I have the same problem, and it looks like the springs, that put pressure on the batteries to make contact, are a little too strong and push too hard against the door - causing these problems.

If it's possible, some of the spring should be cut away to reduce this pressure, and hopefully, not cause further detriment. The batteries should still make contact ok.




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